3 Reasons You Don’t Need A Fishing Guide - And Why You Should Hire One Anyway

1) “I was born and raised in Florida - I already know how to fish.”
  • You and your buddies at work are always saying “I’d rather be fishing” - do you realize fishing guides fish for work? Hire one - they got a few more tricks to show you.
  • Honey hole - if you had one you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Let a fishing guide put you on one!
  • If you are used to stringing up your catch, a fishing guide will show you what those big white coolers are for.
  • Come home with some “real big ones” and have an excuse to buy the same gear your bad-ass fishing guide was using!
2) “I have my own boat - I don’t need a darn guide!”
  • Your dusty boat has stale gas as thick as molasses - hire a fishing guide to get your mojo back!
  • Your fishing guide will be up at the crack of dawn preparing the boat, while you’re enjoying your biscuits and gravy.
  • Your fishing guide will be doing all the work from sunrise to sunset - you could get used to calling another man (or woman) Captain.
  • Remember you don’t have any boat cleanup - stop at the bar on your way home and tell your buddies about the big one that DIDN’T get away!

3) I’m visiting from out of state - how can hiring a fishing guide be more exciting than bowling?"
  • Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World - have the game of your life in your very OWN shoes!
  • You thought your airline pilot was cool - take your family out on the water with a real Captain.
  • Unlike the bowling alley, a day with a fishing guide will include big action, beautiful scenery, and professional expertise!
  • Your fishing guide will take pictures for you - post them on Facebook and your bowling buddies (or spouse) might just call you Captain when you get home!

What To Bring:
  • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses - preferably polarized.
  • Bring a cooler with snacks, drinks and a lunch - but NEVER bring a banana on board!
  • Bring an extra cooler to leave in the car for all the fresh fish you’re bringing home - your guide will filet your catch.
  • A fully charged cell phone for taking photos of all the big ones you reeled in.
  • Some cash - because you’ll want to tip your expert guide for an experience of a lifetime!

So up your game and hire a Florida fishing guide! Unlike your work buddies, Florida guides have a honey hole, guarantee big catches, and know the waters for a safe adventure. The PLAY HARD FLORIDA team has put together all the fishing guides throughout the state. You can search by location or by category such as: spearfishing, flats fishing, nearshore, offshore, fly fishing, etc. But don't take our word for it, plan a day with a guide that will include a sunrise or sunset, wind in your face, the fight of your life, and fresh fish to take home!

Photo Credit: Special thanks to Captain Jimbo & Captain Jim of Saltwater Assassin Fishing Charters of beautiful Cedar Key for providing photos of their happy clients!

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